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Thanks for visiting our website. We are one of the original cloth diapering companies! In the more than 20 years we've been in business, we've helped many, many customers use cloth diapers successfully. At this time, beginning with the change of the economy and other transitions such as our store being sold, a serious surgical accident to a family member and changes in the marketplace, I've decided to close down the website business. I may continue on with a focused, traditional mail order catalog in 2015. Meanwhile, I've marked down every item left in inventory - enjoy the savings! ~Paula Contact us

Favorite Cloth Diapers

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Ladder Rattle

Regular Price: $6.50

Special Price: $4.50

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About 3" x 3"

This perfectly safe first rattle can be grasped by the smallest hands.

The color of the beads will vary.

Read more about Papa Don's toys below. Learn More
Nikky Wool Diaper Covers SL

Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price: $12.00

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Sold out of all sizes but SL.

Wool is a favorite of those preferring the most natural diapering fabrics. Double layered lambswool felt is soft, non-irritating, naturally water repellent yet absorbent...and makes the most breathable, natural diaper cover fabric available. Keeps baby warm even when wet, and cool even when warm outside.

Babyworks Staff note: These do require gentle care; see details at the bottom of the page.
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Dappi Nylon Pull-On Diaper Covers

Regular Price: $7.00

Special Price: $4.50

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$7.00/2 Pack

Dappi Nylon Pants are a great choice for an inexpensive pull on pant. They are made of soft, waterproof nylon and have nylon bindings at the leg, which, unlike some similar pants, do not wick moisture. Truly waterproof, durable and yes, super cheap. They won't split or crack like vinyl pants, and feel so much better. These can be used over fitted diapers as well as over prefolds fastened with pins or Snappis.

Other uses:
Training Pants: Use as extra protection over training pants, when you don't want any leak-through and may not be able to change your little one right away, such as on car trips.

Night Time: Some customers use them as the final layer over all sorts of night time diapering options, including pocket diapers. Most popular with people who don't want to change their baby at night.

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Under the Nile Safari Print Roll Top Pants

Regular Price: $15.00

Special Price: $8.00

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These comfortable, 100% organic cotton knit baby pants have a wide elastic roll-top waistband, and are full cut to accommodate cloth diapers. Learn More
Kushies Swim Diaper

Regular Price: $11.00

Special Price: $7.00

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This cute and functional swim diaper is recommended for both public and private pools. Made of lightweight, soft nylon, with mesh inner lining, it resembles a diaper cover. The elasticized leg openings have gussets. The waistband closes with velcro, for easy on-off and easy managing of any mess; also, it ties over the velcro for added security.

Note: You don't actually put a diaper into a swim diaper. If you did, it would quickly become waterlogged! Instead, it is simply a protective shell; any mess your baby makes is discarded once they're out of the water. (Swim diapers contain solids; may not contain urine--nothing really does.)

Re photos of product: Please note that color trims may vary.

Read care instructions at the bottom of this page.

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Organic Star Teether

Regular Price: $10.00

Special Price: $5.00

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This soft and colorful star toy is easy for little ones to hold, and perfect for teething. Size: 6" tall. Made and stuffed with the finest 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton. Learn More
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“All of the staff have been so wonderful and helpful to me...from their friendliness, service, purchases and returns, I would highly recommend Babyworks and all of their great products! Their commitment and dedication to customer service is the best!”

Juli B.

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